A Day Out in Roslin | Everything You Need to Know

Planning a wee trip to Roslin? Then you’re in the right place. In this post, we’ll look at how to get to Roslin, what to see, and where to go. Are you excited? I definitely am. Let’s go!

About Roslin

Roslin is a picturesque little village situated 6 miles south of Edinburgh, famous for its biological science experiments and Roslin Chapel. It is also often associated with the famous book and movie ‘The Da Vinci Code,’ where the main characters, Robert Langdon (Tom Hanks) and Sophie Neveu (Audrey Tautou), search for the legendary Holy Grail. So, as I said, it’s definitely an interesting place to visit.

How to Get to Roslin?


The best way to reach Roslin (unless you’re driving) is by taking a direct bus, Number 37, which runs every 20-30 minutes from the city center of Edinburgh. The journey to Roslin will take around 40 minutes, depending on the traffic, and the bus fare is £2.00 for a one-way journey.

If you feel like going a bit fancier, you can take a taxi. A typical car journey takes around 25 minutes and would cost you £20-30.

What to See & Know

1. Roslin Chapel

Roslin Chapel

When planning your visit to Roslin, the magnificent Roslin Chapel should be at the top of your list. Founded in 1446 by Sir William St. Clair, this chapel holds an air of mystery. Why is it mysterious, you might wonder? Legends swirl around the place, suggesting that treasures, perhaps even the Holy Grail itself, lie hidden beneath the chapel in a secret stone crypt. Moreover, the chapel’s walls are adorned with intricate carvings and symbolism, as if they tell a story meant for a select few to decipher. Thanks to the filming of ‘The Da Vinci Code,’ Roslin Chapel has gained immense recognition, drawing visitors from near and far. This surge in popularity provided the Roslin Trust with the funds to complete their conservation project. So, while you’re in Roslin, make sure to pay a visit to this famous site; the entry ticket is priced at £9.50.

2. Roslin Glen

Roslin Glen
Roslin Glen

One of my all-time favorite spots in Roslin is Roslin Glen. Have you ever dreamed of wandering through woodlands reminiscent of those where Winnie the Pooh and his pals roamed? That’s the vibe you’ll find in Roslin Glen. This vast expanse of ancient woodlands is renowned for its nature walks and abundant wildlife. Amid the natural beauty, there’s also a 14th-century castle ruin tucked away in the forest, inviting exploration and admiration. For all you ‘Outlander’ series enthusiasts, take note that some scenes were filmed in Roslin Glen Country Park. So, as you explore, keep an eye out for the settings you might recognise.

3. Dolly the Sheep

Dolly the sheep holds the title of being perhaps the most significant sheep in the world. Why, you ask? Because she was the first successful cloned mammal. Yes, Dolly was a clone of another sheep. Roslin is home to the Roslin Institute, where this pioneering cloning experiment took place. Dolly was born in 1997 and led a fairly ordinary life, except for her occasional appearances in front of the media and researchers. Dolly has since passed away (in 2003) and is now on display at the National Museum of Scotland.

In Conclusion

Roslin is a place teeming with history and adventure, so don’t forget to wear some comfortable boots. I hope you’ve found this post informative, and I eagerly await your ‘Outlander’-inspired photos on Facebook and Instagram. Remember to tag me at @wondersofscotland_.

Enjoy Scotland xx

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