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Hello, dear friend! Let’s cut to the chase – you and I share a deep love for good food, and that’s precisely why we’re here today. I have a fantastic discovery for you – Pinčiukas, the first Lithuanian Restaurant in Edinburgh (Yes, you heard me right — it is THE FIRST Lithuanian restaurant in Edinburgh and in the whole of Scotland). I was fortunate to attend the grand opening and have a firsthand experience of the establishment, and now I am ready to present to you my honest review of the restaurant.

Pinčiukas opened its doors in October 2023 on Morrisons Street, Edinburgh. On the opening night, I had a charming chat with the owners, Vaseem and Emilija Shaikh, where I learned about their inspiration for opening a Lithuanian restaurant. Vaseem shared, ‘My wife, Emilija, is from Lithuania, and I wanted to bring a piece of her home to Edinburgh. Additionally, I wanted other Baltic folks to have a chance to enjoy their own cuisine, which they miss so deeply.’ Both owners have years of hospitality experience, evident the moment you step into Pinčiukas. The ambiance of the restaurant is new and refreshing, and the staff is knowledgeable and friendly.

The restaurant sports an unusual name, but what does Pinčiukas mean? In Lithuanian folklore, Pinčiukas is a cheeky devil with horns, fond of playing mischievous tricks. This little goat-like devil isn’t all pure evil; it’s more of a mischievous spirit that enjoys causing a bit of trouble. After all, who doesn’t love a hint of the dark side, especially when it comes to food, right?

Now, let’s talk about the menu of the first Lithuanian Restaurant in Edinburgh. For those craving something new, this place is an absolute gem. All the produce, except for veggies and fruits, comes directly from Lithuania, offering a chance to experience the country’s culture. I always felt that Food and stories are a delightful way to bring diverse communities together. I had the pleasure of trying a few dishes, and my top picks were Kepta Duona (typical Lithuanian fried rye bread) and dumplings with duck meat— absolutely YUMMY.

Other typical dishes on the menu include borscht soup, potato pancakes, and cepelinai (oh, I can’t wait to try those!). For my vegetarian and vegan friends, you’ll also find delicious homestyle cooked meals at this restaurant. I used to be a vegetarian, so I know how frustrating it can be when your pals are enjoying an awesome meal while all that’s left for you is a garden salad and fries. It’s so refreshing to see a restaurant that takes care of the minority group and provides several awesome options for different dietary requirements. Love it and apreciate it!

Pinčiukas also presents an opportunity to sample Lithuanian beers and spirits, which I’m definitely exploring on my next visit when early wake-ups for blog work aren’t on the agenda. P.S. For cocktail enthusiasts, check out my blog post on the best secret bars in Edinburgh. Here is your link!

So, Is it a Yay or Nay to Lithuanian Restaurant in Edinburgh?

I would definitely recommend Pinčiukas to anyone looking to explore some new flavors, enjoy quality food, or impress their date. I am saying a BIG yay to the first Lithuanian restaurant in Edinburgh, and I can’t wait to be back again.

Lithuanian restaurant in Edinburgh!

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