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I recently discovered a new passion, and as you can guess from the title of this article, it’s bubble tea. I’d known about bubble tea for a while, but I was always a “flat white” kind of gal. Then, one day, a friend from Ireland visited me. She introduced me to the local boba scene, and that’s when my love affair with bubble tea began.

I delved into researching boba places in Edinburgh, hoping to see what other bloggers thought and to find out their favourite spots. Surprisingly, there wasn’t much written about it. This sparked an idea: Why not explore the city’s boba scene myself and create a list rating different bubble tea shops? My list starts with my least favourite and progresses to my top pick. So, keep reading to find out which shop snatched the crown for the best bubble tea in Edinburgh!

6. Bubble Tea and Desserts

Address: 58 South Bridge, Edinburgh
Rating: 4.5/10

Bubble Tea and Desserts is a little shop located on South Bridge, right next to another boba shop. They have a great variety of teas and desserts, and the service is quick. However, it’s in 6th place on my list for a few reasons. I ordered the Four Seasons tea and, to be fair, it was quite bitter for my taste, almost like when you leave a tea bag in the cup for too long. The tapioca pearls also felt a bit undercooked, which influenced my rating of this boba shop. Hence, it gets a 4 out of 10.

5. Fun Tea

Address: 57 South Bridge, Edinburgh
Rating: 6/10

As you probably noticed, this bubble tea shop is located right next to the one I just described. This was where my introduction to the world of boba took place. I ordered a classic brown sugar milk tea, and it was not too bad. The lady at the counter was very polite and answered all my questions. She also asked how much % of sugar I’d like in my tea, which not all boba places do. I found my tea a bit on the bitter side again, but the pearls had a lovely texture. I’d likely order from here again, given it’s the closest boba shop to my house.

4. Tea! Chinese Bubble Tea

Address: Quartermile, 9 South Pavillion Lister Square, Edinburgh
Rating: 7/10

The next on my list is “Tea!”. It’s a popular spot for Edinburgh university students. This wee shop settled in Quartermile, surrounded by other cute cafés. I tried the matcha tea, and even though I asked for 30% sugar, it was a bit too sweet for me. Still, I enjoyed the taste. The lady who served me was very friendly and spent time recommending different bobas. I always appreciate when staff take time to explain things. Giving “Tea! Chinese Bubble Tea” a 7 out of 10.

3. Rainbow Bubble Tea

Address: Waverly Market, Edinburgh
Rating: 7/10

Out of all the places I’ve listed, I believe Rainbow Bubble Tea offers the most affordable bubble tea. I appreciated how they asked all the right questions – from toppings to the amount of ice and sugar percentage. I chose a classic milk tea and was quite pleased with it. The service was both quick and cordial, which is always a great bonus. Rainbow Bubble Tea also has an impressive range of tapioca pearls. I’ll definitely be returning to sample more.

2. Hi Tea

Address: 23 Frederick St, Edinburgh
Rating: 8/10

Now, this is a boba shop I will definitely be visiting again. Hi Tea is situated right in the heart of Edinburgh and they serve some perfectly crafted bubble teas. I sampled the classic brown sugar milk tea, and it was delightful. The sugar level hit the mark, pearls were just the right consistency, and importantly, this was one of the few places with a pleasant seating area. Hi Tea gets a big bubbly “YES” from me.

1. Golden Tea

Address: Candle Maker, 44, Edinburgh
Rating: 9/10

The winner of this list is Golden Tea. Located next to the statue of Bobby and the National Museum of Scotland, I’d say it’s a must-visit for bubble tea lovers. I tried a Barbie-inspired tea, and it was so delicious and “strawbecious” that I finished it in just a few minutes. The place itself is very nice and cozy, potentially a great date spot. The tea preparation took about ten minutes, but I wouldn’t mind waiting. I can’t wait to go back and try some other flavours.

Please note, this is not a sponsored post. These are my genuine thoughts on 6 different boba spots in Edinburgh. At Wonders of Scotland, I aim to be as authentic as possible. Maybe our opinions won’t always align, but I’d love to know about your favourite bubble tea spots in Edinburgh or anywhere in Scotland. What have I missed? Let’s chat!

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