Where to Watch New Year Fireworks in Edinburgh | 8 Best spots

Wondering where to watch New Year fireworks in Edinburgh? Then keep reading this article. Edinburgh’s Hogmanay is a grand celebration, promising an unforgettable experience. Among the essential activities for Hogmanay in Edinburgh is the countdown to midnight accompanied by a fireworks display. However, navigating through the busy city during the New Year’s celebration can pose challenges when seeking the perfect vantage point for the fireworks. To aid your quest, here’s my personal list of the finest spots in Edinburgh to catch the spectacular display, offering a mix of breathtaking views and unique atmospheres.

The Vennel Viewpoint, Edinburgh Castle

This is one of my favorite spots as you get a beautiful view of the castle, and there is much less crowd than in other parts of the city. Also, this is a very popular Instagrammable spot, so don’t forget to click some cool pics. Tip: Arrive 10-15 minutes early to secure the best spot.


Another awesome viewpoint of the castle opens on the Grassmarket. It is relatively close to the Vennel viewpoint and is easily accessible. Be aware that this spot is more popular among tourists, so it will be crowded. Yet the vibe and view are worth it.

West Princess Street

Ideal for those attending the Princess Street Gardens Hogmanay concert, this spot offers a fusion of orchestral accompaniment and fireworks. Dress warmly for an impressive yet chilly experience.

Castle Terrace Car Park

Located in the city center, this spot provides a less touristy alternative with a splendid view of Edinburgh Castle and the accompanying New Year fireworks.

Calton Hill

Fancy going up the hill and staying away from the main crowd? Then head to Calton Hill. Be aware, it is a hill and it would take you around 15 minutes to get to the top. Also, it might be windy up there, so dress appropriately.

Arthur’s Seat (Salisbury Crags)

If you really want to get away from the city noise and crowd but still have a nice view of the fireworks, then Arthur Seat is your friend. This hill is located in the heart of the city center, very close to Calton Hill, yet it’s much higher. It takes around 30 minutes to get to the top, which makes it a less popular fireworks viewpoint (Perfect for introverts). The view is awesome, but you would have to be careful as hiking in the dark can be dangerous.


Want to be surrounded by the young students who know how to party? Then watching New Year fireworks at Meadows is your spot. This park always gets super crowded during Hogmanay, turning into one big party. Don’t forget to grab some beers with you, or orange juice (Whatever floats your boat).

Inverleith Park

A local favorite away from the city center, Inverleith Park offers a serene view of the castle, creating a quieter, family-friendly setting. Situated near the botanical gardens, it even features a charming pond.

Where to Watch New Year Fireworks in Edinburgh

Conclusion: Where to Watch New Year Fireworks in Edinburgh

Those were my top 8 New Year fireworks viewpoints, each possessing its own magic. Do you have a secret fireworks spot in Edinburgh? Feel free to share it with us in the comments below—I’m genuinely excited to discover more!

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