Hen Party in Edinburgh | 8 Fun Ideas for Your Celebration!

As winter slowly bids farewell, wedding season in Scotland is on the horizon. Bachelor and hen parties are vital for pre-marital celebrations, so it’s essential to do them properly. To help with hen party ideas, I’ve prepared a list of 8 activities/options on how could you celebrate hen party in Edinburgh.

1. Classy Afternoon Tea

For those who appreciate tea and culture, an afternoon tea hen party in Edinburgh is a great option. It works well for those not keen on wild nights out, preferring a cozy gathering with close friends. Add a glass of champagne to make it extra bubbly.

Some recommended venues for this special occasion include The Dome (for a touch of luxury), The Cauldron (for a magical atmosphere), Red Bus Bistro (for sightseeing and tea), and Signet Library (for a luxurious feel). Take your pick, my lady!

2. Spa Day

Looking for a relaxing self-care activity? Why not book a massage therapist, nail technician, or other beauty services to come to your chosen venue/home? Spend some quality time getting pampered with mocktails or cocktails. It’s a relaxed version of a hen do for those who cherish comfort and self-care.

By the way, did I mention that besides being a writer, I’m also a licensed massage therapist in Edinburgh? If you’re looking for a therapist to provide massages at your hen party or simply looking for some ‘me time’ before the big day, why not book a session at Touch Holistic Therapy.

3. Crafting

Crafts are always a fun way to create memorable hen do parties. Pottery, life drawing, cocktail making, baking, and more are great for learning new skills, bonding, and taking home a memento, whether it’s a cup, painting, or candle.

4. Bar Crawl Night Out

Prefer evening and boozy activities? Hit the best bars or clubs. I believe this is the most popualr way of celebrating Hen party in Edinburgh as the capital of Scotland has a great nightlife. Head to George Street for a fancier vibe ( check out my guide on fabulous secret bars in Edinburgh for some ideas) or head to Cowgate for live music, good beer, and a youthful atmosphere.

5. City Photoshoot

Another great idea for a hen party in Edinburgh is to celebrate it with a girls’ photo session around the city. It can be a fabulous addition to other activities or stand on its own. You don’t even need to hire a photographer – each participant can play the role of a photographer and capture unforgettable moments. After all, the most important thing is being together.

6. Escape Room

For adventure seekers, an escape room is a must-do activity. There are many places available in Edinburgh; you just need to find the theme you prefer. These activities are especially good for hen parties with people who don’t know each other too well. Solving mysteries or problems together can help everyone become more familiar and comfortable with each other.

7. Fun Games at Home

Hen Party in Edinburgh don’t have to be outside; sometimes, the best ones happen right at home. Why not invite your closest friends for a night full of games, popcorn, competitions, and silly challenges, followed by champagne and cocktails?

8. Camping in Pentlands

Not a fan of the hustle and bustle of the city? Prefer a quieter yet memorable hen do? Camping or a bonfire night in Pentlands is the perfect option. Gather your besties, head to Pentlands (close to Edinburgh), with your camping gear. Bring music, a guitar, and spend some time in nature where nothing could distract the connection between you all.

Hen Party in Edinburgh (conclusion)

hen party in edinburgh

I hope you find some of these suggestions useful, and perhaps now you know what kind of party you want to have. Share it with your friends and family, enjoy yourself, and have a wonderful time in Edinburgh!

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