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I’m thrilled to share that a month ago, I launched my own massage parlour, and I’m excited to tell you all about it! As the creator of Wonders of Scotland, I figured I’d share a little about my new venture with you. Starting from the ground up has its challenges, so please bear with me as I spotlight my business. lets figure together if Touch Holistic Therapy offers the best massage in Edinburgh.

How it All Began

best massage in edinburgh

My fascination with massage began in 2020 during a trip to Thailand, where I stumbled upon the Shambala art and music festival. There, I discovered the transformative power of touch, sparking my desire to get deeper into holistic treatments. Fast forward to 2021, where I completed a year-long course in Swedish massage and anatomy. In 2023, I journeyed to India to study Ayurveda. Today, I’m sharing my journey in hopes of reaching a broader audience and nurturing the growth of my brand (Touch Holistic Therapy).

What services do I offer

To me, massage is more than just muscle manipulation; it’s about connecting your soul, body, and mind to nurture your well-being. I’ve honed my craft by exploring various massage techniques, from deep tissue to Ayurvedic Abyanga. Now, I tailor these techniques to meet the unique needs and preferences of my clients. I absolutely enjoy learning about wellness, holistic remedies, and the human body

Where Can You Find Touch Holistic therapy?

You can locate me in Edinburgh, in a charming beauty salon on 180 Causewayside. I adore this area and the delightful coffee shops nearby. Come pay me a visit if you are looking for a massage in Edinburgh.

My Socials

If you’re curious to learn more about Touch Holistic Therapy, check out my social media pages on Facebook or Instagram. Give me a follow or a like—I truly appreciate any support for my independent business. Thank you in advance for taking the time to read this and support me.

So, is it the best massage in Edinburgh?

I will let you to decided 🙂


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