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Hello Meowonderers! Do you like cats? I bet you do since you’re reading this post (I mean, how not to like those cute furry paws? Duh). So if you are in Edinburgh and you really need to get some love and affection, head to Maison de Moggy, the first cat café not just in Edinburgh but in the whole of Scotland. You can find the café just outside the Grassmarket, so the location is pretty central. I visited this café several times, and here is my honest review of the place.

Let’s cut to the chase; I absolutely adore this wee, cozy place. Having been to a few cat cafés in my time, this one stands out as my favorite by a mile. It’s clean, fresh, and devoid of any unpleasant odors (believe me, looking after 9 cats is no walk in the park), and they have an impressive selection of delectable coffees and mouth-watering cakes. It’s clear that the staff aren’t just employees; they’re caregivers, putting the well-being of their feline friends at the forefront of everything they do. In our capitalistic world, this level of care and compassion is genuinely refreshing to witness. Currently, the café is home to 9 beautiful cats, each one a different breed, adding to the charm of the place. It’s an undeniably fun and unique experience, sure to delight any cat lover. Just one word of advice: leave your toys, treats, and personal pets at home; the café has all the entertainment and nourishment these kitties need.

Booking & Tickets Information

Do keep in mind that you’ll need to book your slot in advance; this isn’t a place where you can just saunter up to the door whenever you please. You can secure your tickets online, with a 60-minute session amongst the cats starting at a modest £10.00. Note that this entrance fee doesn’t include any beverages or cakes; those delightful extras will need to be paid for separately. You can follow this link to book your tickets.

Visiting with Kids

The café enforces a thoughtful policy when it comes to young guests: only children aged 10 and above are welcome. For those between the ages of 10 and 14, adult supervision is a must at all times. To put it simply, if you have two children in this age range, each one must be paired with an adult. So, two kids means two attentive adults are required. Please also keep in mind that the maximum group size for any party is 6 people.

So, is it a Yay?

Yes, Maison de Moggy gets a resounding “Yay!” from me. It’s relaxing, peaceful, and an amazing way to boost your mental well-being. I find myself particularly drawn to the café during the winter months, as its cozy atmosphere envelops me in a warmth that truly touches the heart. If you’re a cat lover in need of some fluffy affection, this place is simply too purrfect to miss.

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