Bachelor Party in Edinburgh: 6 Epic Ideas for Your Stag Do

I recently published a post about hen do parties in Edinburgh, but don’t worry gents, I did not forget about you. If you’ve decided to spend your bachelor party in Edinburgh and want some fun ideas how could you celebrate the occasion, then stay and continue reading my list of stag do ideas.

1. Laser Tag or Paintballing Friendly Match:

Let’s kick your adrenaline into gear with this awesome bachelor party idea. What better mood setter than a friendly match of laser tag or paintballing? It’s a perfect activity for a stag day out for those who enjoy being challenged. More importantly, it’s great for bigger groups and doesn’t require high investments. Please remember that paintballing can leave bruises, so choose laser or paintballs wisely. Check out Fountainpark if you want to book yourself laser tag sessions.

2. Ride a Sports Car or Go Karting:

For fast car enthusiasts, why not book a Ferrari or Maserati experience? Alternatively, go-karting is another fun activity that will get your adrenaline pumping. While there are several places that offer fast car experiences, I haven’t personally tried them myself, so I won’t leave a link here. For go-karting, you may need to venture a bit outside of Edinburgh, so having someone who can drive is a bonus. Check out this website for more information.

3. Escape Room

Love solving puzzles and mysterious murders? Then an escape room is the place to go. Perfect for a group of 4-8 people who don’t know each other that well. Teamwork allows people to bond faster, and trust me, by the end of the game, everyone will come out as friends (unless you don’t succeed in solving the puzzle). Edinburgh offers many escape room options, just chose the theme you like.

4. Pub Crawl

Pub Crawl is a typical, good old-fashioned option for a bachelor party in Edinburgh. Hit your favorite or new spots with a bunch of friends. Enjoy shots, beer, or live music. You can end the night in a club or check for events at Eventbrite and find the one that catches your eye. Remember to drink responsibly, you dont want to end up as the guys from Hangover movie.

5. My fav. Stag do Idea – Treasure Hunt

bachelor party in edinburgh, stag party ideas

This one involves a lot of organising, but it’s probably the most fun one. Create a map around the town, look for clues all together as a team, follow the leader to find your treasure (the final destination could be joining hen do and stag do together). Once you’ve found what you were looking for, hit the bar to celebrate with some rum. This is an awesome bachelor party idea, right?

6. Whiskey Tasting

For my classy gentlemen, whiskey tasting can be a cool and educational option. It’s a great way to learn about Scottish whiskey in the company of good friends. Many bars and pubs in Edinburgh offer whiskey flight experiences; just pick the one you like. I personally would recommend visiting Johnnie Walker on Princess St or Whisky Rooms. If you are an absolute beginner, then why not visit the Scotch Whisky Experience, where you could not only taste whiskies but also learn more about this fabulous drink. Don’t forget to have a good meal before the tasting, you would not want to miss this bachelor party in Edinburgh.

7. Bachelor Party in Edinburgh (Conclusion)

May your bachelor party in Edinburgh be filled with laughter, excitement, and unforgettable memories. Whether you choose high-octane adventures or laid-back whiskey tastings, here’s to a celebration that marks the beginning of a new chapter in style. Cheers to the groom-to-be and the epic journey ahead.

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